Dance has always been our passion & Fitness is our lifestyle.

Since we were little girls, we would dance with our families, dance at school & dance just for fun with our friends.  Our lives, our health and our spirit has benefited so much from dance that we want to share that gift with others.

We want to utilize that vessel to really make an impact in peoples lives. Through Dance we want to help shape people's minds and bodies, improving their thoughts and their actions; leading to a more balanced human being.  

We have both lived an exciting performance career, traveling the world and experiencing things only seen in movies but out of all the stages we've been on there is no better stage than where we are now; together joining forces & following this special calling we have felt in our hearts to motivate people through the power of music and movement... delivering an inspirational message along the way.  

This is the imprint we leave behind as sisters; encouraging others, spreading love, glorifying God and contributing our talent back to our community. 

The 2 Sisters



 I've been a dancer all my life.  As a little girl I trained in modern dance, jazz, gymnastics, and tap.  As an adult I became a professional Salsa dancer. 

 For 10 years I traveled around the world teaching and performing in numerous Salsa conventions. Today, in addition to dancing I practice yoga, running, biking, strength training, and mixed martial arts. As you can see, I do a variety of things because I love being active and challenging myself.  But the beauty of it all is that now I get to enjoy it with my sister.  



Dance has always played a key role in my life, it has been a big part of my form of expression.  I blossomed through performing.

 I've done so many incredible things through dance, seen so many places and worked with amazing talent; now my journey has led me here.  I am where I need to be.  Educating, Stimulating, Motivating & Inspiring people through my artistic passion.  It feels so good to work within my community and the best part is that I get to do it with my sister.